Answering Islam - A Christian-Muslim dialog

  • Sermon illustrations for the modern world

    Most Sundays Christians meet at church and hear a sermon. They may also attend a Bible study group at someone's home during the week. At these meetings, Christian teachers teach the Bible, Christian beliefs and conduct, and how to live in a world of opposing ideas. Often, they use illustrations or examples to help apply and make their points clearer. I am sure you can remember a particular story a preacher included in his sermon or maybe you are a Christian teacher who has done this yourself. As we now live in a world with an increasing Islamic presence it is important for Christian teachers to teach Christians how Christianity is different to Islam and how the Gospel speaks to Islam. This can be done by knowing the right illustrations and examples to use, but what are these illustrations and examples?
  • Beyond Breakthrough

    The year 2023 ended with TIME publishing an eye catching 96 pg book, Heaven and the Afterlife. The opening chapter, which explores 'The Biggest Mystery' starts with the author recounting a personal milestone when he experienced "abject horror ... terrified about the future prospect of mortality." As for me, I wrapped up the year 2023 by watching the movie, Breakthrough, with some friends. This film traces the true story of a teenager who sank to the bottom of a lake and was only pulled out 15 minutes later. He was rushed to the hospital without a heartbeat. Finally, after the doctors struggled to resuscitate him for more than half an hour, they gave up hope and permitted his mother some private time with the 'lifeless' body of her only son. How you would feel and what would you do in this situation?
  • How shall we escape?

    The idiom, 'life is not a bed of roses', suggests that people must learn to endure life's ups and downs. This is also true for godfearing people in the west like Christians and Muslims who often find themselves at odds with radically different values prevailing in the surrounding society. Lot was an example of a righteous man who lived in a deeply immoral society facing this very kind of dilemma. The Bible and Qur'an record two other stories of godfearing men who experienced intense, albeit different, kinds of hardships: Job and Jonah. They too, narrowly escaped. Are there lessons we can learn from their examples? As it is written, “If the righteous are barely saved, what will happen to godless sinners?” ... "How can we escape if we ignore so great a salvation?"

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