Answering Islam - A Christian-Muslim dialog

  • Mercy triumphs over judgment

    I witnessed the amazing total eclipse in early April and then one month later I saw beautiful pictures of auroras which showed a glimpse of the glory of God. So it was no coincidence when I 'stumbled' on a glorious scenario in which Ezekiel saw a vision of God's throne encircled by a glowing halo "like a rainbow shining in the clouds on a rainy day.” This reminded me of a similar vision in which the apostle John saw a rainbow encircling God's throne. Of course, these splendid scenes called to mind the sign of a rainbow which God used to reassure Noah and all his descendants that he would never destroy the whole earth by flood waters again. But one may ask: What's the point of promising to never (again) destroy the world by water, if God knew that humanity would continue being sinful and rebellious, and he would eventually have to destroy the world again, this time by fire?
  • Reflections on aurora borealis and the solar eclipse

    Not long after witnessing the awe-inspiring solar eclipse millions of people across the world were able to gaze at stunningly beautiful displays of aurora borealis. Are not these splendid scenes pointing to the artistry of a wise creator as celebrated by King David in Psalm 19:1? “The heavens declare the glory of God, and the skies proclaim the work of his hands.” Yes, God is seeking our admiration, adoration and true worship. He is the cosmic designer who reveals his plan for the new heavens and new earth. The capital city, the new Jerusalem, will be adorned with a fantastically colorful array of beautiful jewels, a preview of how God's kingdom is far more beautiful than anything we've ever seen. (Revelation 21:19-21)
  • Sermon illustrations for the modern world

    Most Sundays Christians meet at church and hear a sermon. They may also attend a Bible study group at someone's home during the week. At these meetings, Christian teachers teach the Bible, Christian beliefs and conduct, and how to live in a world of opposing ideas. Often, they use illustrations or examples to help apply and make their points clearer. I am sure you can remember a particular story a preacher included in his sermon or maybe you are a Christian teacher who has done this yourself. As we now live in a world with an increasing Islamic presence it is important for Christian teachers to teach Christians how Christianity is different to Islam and how the Gospel speaks to Islam. This can be done by knowing the right illustrations and examples to use, but what are these illustrations and examples?

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